Everyday Fabulous

Every girl loves a pretty dress.

While I love all things pretty, I also believe in simplicity and comfort. You won’t find me wearing something uncomfortable just coz it’s pretty. (This is why you will find me in jeans and tshirts most of the time)

And here, in this little corner of Life as a Side Project, I am going to round up my favorite clothes worn by celebrities , colleagues and friends alike. Just for the love of them pretty clothes.

The thing about this category is that I am forced to ask people if I can take a photo of them to put up on my blog. I don’t want to tell you how *many* times I’ve been turned down. I will keep trying. People are shy. and don’t like the idea of posing. Specially for a blog. Maybe I could blur out your pretty faces, let me know. 🙂

Also, you can send me anything you want featured here. (‘featured’ HA ! )

So then. Let’s start shall we?

Here’s to you. Because you are beautiful.

I am going to start by posting some of the most celebrated styles of the most elegant woman ever, Audrey Hepburn.

“I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and… I believe in miracles” – Audrey Hepburn



There is never enough time

There is never enough time to do all the nothing you want – Calvin and Hobbes

Sundays are taken seriously. It is a day to rest, and give up on the ‘plans’ and play it freely by ear. It is a day to say YES ! to evrything. Eating out, watching movies, going bowling, taking boat rides at the beira lake, and ending the day walking in the Independence square or the beach and lately, playing frisbee. I don’t quite engage in playing frisbee other than when I sit on the grass in the evening sun which is one of my favorite things to do, while everyone else runs around. I am not really into sweating all that much.

These photos are a result of one such Sunday evening walk. Location, Independence Square.

From all the way back in December..

I meant to post these photos way back in December but really, I was too lazy. So here you go.

I wrote a post on FB about Christmas and missing my brother who’s abroad. Last Christmas was my first without him.

This post is for him.


Lovi. There's a tree at my aunt's place. And in December it was covered in this beautiful red fruit! Loved it.


I asked my aunt if she can make wine with Lovi and she produced all these bottles full of the yummy drink ! haah. 😀


When the Christmas tree at office went up ! Such a feeling it was. I love how the entire building is lit up for an entire month !


In it for the bokeh..


At aunt's place. Took this while walking in her garden.


Tea in the garden..

Blogging. Again.

ImageAnd no more whiny depressing posts from the middle child. ( I have a personal assistant who bears the burden of listening to that kind of thing now )

So . Hello ! : )

It’s been a while, yes? Life As A Side Project had been stuck  in my head for far too long and with the help of Jerry I opened up a wordpress account ( Yes I needed help coz I couldn’t be bothered doing all the setting up . ha ! ) because I needed a place to rant.

You will see that there are categories on this blog. One for everyday posts, one for my project 365, which is sort of like a diary which has only one picture a day, and another for DIY stuff done by me and my darling sister , another for weddings related posts and another to celebrate the love for clothes.

Have I gotten a bit shallow? Maybe I have. oh well. Everything that makes me happy will be here. And sometimes when I am upset , something about that might go up as well. Maybe a photo. I don’t know. Most things in between work and sleep, will be here. Have you noticed how you can walk into a rut and stay there forever without even noticing that you are not as happy as you want to be? I am old enough to realise that I am no longer happy just going to and coming from work , crunching numbers in between, falling asleep at the end of the day too tired to do anything else. There’s more to life.

Last year, noticing what a workaholic I’ve turned into, I took measures to cut down on the long hours. I stopped working till late night. I made it a point to go home to see my mother.Hang out with cousins. Make time for Darling.

I feel that I have to constantly stir up the system so that I don’t go into a brain dead situation.

I have dreams. Lot of them are combined dreams with the people I love, lot of them are because of the people I love. These are snippets of those dreams.

Hoep you enjoy.


I am tired of being an upright ape.

I want to be a butterfly. One floated into my room just now through the open window. 

He had no business here. I have. That is the trouble.

I want to be like him, with no business anywhere. No business but to wave my wings in the sunshine and die beautifully. As the day dies in gorgeous twilight, as the melody dies in sweet echo, as smiles die in tender memories.

Confound the summertime anyhow. It gets into the blood. 

-Upper Meanings by Frank Crane-