The Heat Series

Last week they fixed the AC at work to function properly. Which meant it was cold enough to freeze one’s bones.

I come to work on Monday morning, all dressed up in a dress and a matching cardigan so that I can fight the cold air .

Sikka at work shakes his head when he sees me. What’s wrong? I demand. AC fallen to the ground. Crushed. No AC on your floor. My heart sinks but I walk on. The door to my department is open . As I step through, a heat wave so strong hits me that it makes me take a step backwards..

Work two hours in the damnable heat, and change into my gym clothes. The sweat pants are soaked in a couple of minutes.

By 3 , I have a headache, and I am drowsy. Productivity level, zero. Everyone walks around in a daze, disheveled and irritated,  trying to get some fresh air. Walking out, walking in to other departments where they have ac , sucking in the cold air, feeling momentarily better.

My boss goes home.

We open a window and buy ice cream. The open window brings in glare from the sun .  Sigh. We ask for fans but things take time to happen.

I go home at 4.30 and make an elaborate dinner.

Day 2 a lot of us are prepared.

I work from for a while and then go to work.

I wear a cotton tshirt and comfy harem pants. But still the pants are soaked through in an hour’s time. A guy at finance brings a fan from home. A table fan that had been assembled by his father for his brother to help him study at night.

We bring in ice cream again.

Industrial fans are here hooray  ! Which means no paper work can be done if you still want to have some air.

Persisting headache.

Leave at the usual time , take a lengthy bath and go to bed.

Day 3 and everyone’s in flimsy clothes. Have figured out how to share the fans.

1pm now and the headache is back. I am drowsy and concentration is difficult.

I snap at everyone who walks in without calling first.

So here are some photos*..

*please note that all the photos here belong to me and to the people in the photos themselves. If anyone wants to use them please contact me. Thank you.