Hanging out with mum lady

Coming home to spend time with my mother means only a few things. Lot of sleeping, lot of eating, lot of lounging by the big windows enjoying the constant breeze that comes through and the evening sun. I love it here. Every now and then with a jolt I wake from my half sleep state thinking how much I miss Colombo. Mostly I miss Darling and the rest of the G’s. and the friends. But there’s nothing else there. I don’t have a bed by a window that allows me a bit of the sky and some trees. Here you can pick just about any room to sleep in and you will be granted the luxury of gazing out lazily at the clouds before you drift off.

But like they say, I digress.

This post is not about the trees or the sky or the big windows. This is about hanging out with my mother and what comes of it.

The older I get, the more I can appreciate how aesthetically sound she is. Everything she has sorrounded herself with, is utterly beautiful. And ever since I was small, or I should say , WE were small, we as in my sister and me, to this day, we have not gotten tired of looking at all the pretty things our mother owns. And it’s only right I jot some of it down before they fade away, god forbid.

Every holiday I spend at home, I find myself unwittingly going through either her collection of china ( the best ones are the coffee sets, they are tiny and delicate and the patterns are mind blowingly beautiful) , or her collection of vintage buttons (I’ve spent hours as a kid sorting through them..they are THAT pretty, OR her vintage sarees ( of I  am hoping I will inherit a few, somebody should really start making those prints again ) and her style catalogues.

My sense of style, my love for  all things florals and soft colors , all come from her.

I found this catalogue today and it’s from way back in 1989. I love the clothes in this, I love their style. Check out the photos and let me know what you think 🙂 I will make more posts on  the sarees and her jewelry and her coffee sets another time.

Hope you enjoy.


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