Saying Goodbye

In death, you remember how consoling religion is. I think I’d always remember the music. Music and religion, they were two things that seemed to rule the house we lived in while we were there.

At his funeral, there was singing. It healed and offered consolation. You could get lost in it. People spoke. But it was the music that lingered.

He was a great mean who did great things. He believed he needed to make a change and he did. It was never for himself. He didn’t talk about self satisfaction. He just did things because he believed he could. He helped the poor and never took any money. I don’t remember them ever owning a vehicle. Achchi and Seeya always took the bus everywhere. They walked when they had to.

But it is the selflessness that amazes me. He had absolutely no regard for himself or money or status or any such thing. If, one day, I could be like him, it would be enough.

But mostly, I remember the little things.

The little things like love. How they loved and respected each other. In a world full of frivolous personal relationships , they treasured their love. They were great friends to anyone who met them and judging by how many people lived at their small house , it’s only too apparant how selfless they were too.

They’d taken in small children who needed a boarding house and given them a home. They’d taken in people to save them from riots. He’d stood his ground while their house had been searched. They’d taken in adopted children who had been neglected by their parents. Basically anyone who needed a home, they had taken in. Someone needed place to crash in while they got through their exams, they’d come here. My mother had also lived there while she was studying in law college. She had been talking to seeya how hard it was to travel to law college everyday and he had simply said to come home.

He would let achchi cut his hair.

When the day wound down, and everyone went to sleep and me and akka would go to our room to study, we would hear them talking way into the night.

It is from them we learned what to expect from a relationship. It was their love that restored our faith in humanity.

The world is minus one great human being, a humanitarian, a friend and a seeya to all his grandchildren, biological and non. He will be celebrated and deeply missed. The void he has left behind can only be filled by great people of the purest of hearts and purest of deeds, therefore might remain unfulfilled for a long long time to come.

May you rest in peace Seeya. We hope to make you proud. Then when we meet on that particular shore, we’ll have something to chat about.



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