The heat oh god!

This hippo looks happy

This hippo looks happy


So yesterday we were driving around doing wedding stuff and as it happens it took a while. It was hot and humid outside and we got stuck in traffic. The Peterites were walking. I had only had a banana for breakfast and later two milos.

On the way back, I decided to stay in the car and let Darling go do some chores on his own poor thing.

But I realised I was wilting. No really, my skin felt weird, instead of the shirt soaking sweat I should have been producing I only had a trickle of sweat on my forehead. My head felt really heavy, and my limbs started to hurt. I was feeling increasingly sick.

The moment we got home, I took a bath but I couldn’t eat. I took panadol and slept a bit. Then we decided to do the Sunday evening rendezvous but I couldn’t get myself to stay up.

I think the symptoms add up to what they call Heat Exhuastion. I am no doctor and I don’t pretend to be one. And I am not pregnant . Haha. It can only be heat related. I don’t sweat all that much.

So now I am like all hurting all over and it feels like a fever but it’s not.

I tell you, drink plenty of water, submerge in water like a hippo who btw can’t sweat and that’s why they stay in water to cool themselves and don’t go out in the sun if you can help it.

I feel sick I tell you. Urgh.


1 thought on “The heat oh god!

  1. Oh that’s why I’ve been feeling funny all day. Feeling exhausted even though I stayed in bed half the day. This heat is killing. And my poor plants!!

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