Early Morning Drama

I was in a state of glum when I woke up today.

I woke up worrying about things I can not and can control and wondering what will happen if I didn’t control them completely. Such control freakishness is not characteristic of me and I am yet to become a bridezilla a fact which I have checked with my family and friends and *The Friend* and they’ve all assured me I am ok for now but I couldn’t help feeling a little blue today. Maybe it’s that people keep asking me if I am stressed out yet, like a million times a day already ! I always smile and say no I am not, should I be??? No really. Should I ???

So I was getting ready to go work in my pensive blue mood after gloomily trudging around inside the house to the great annoyance of my dad while doggie’s worried brows followed me around.

Suddenly, noise. A lot of it which is rare to mornings at the Flats. Lot of women it sounded like , were fighting. Fists and everything. Slap ! I even jumped at the sound. More slaps were being handed out. A man’s voice, my neighbor’s obviously, was feeble and not very threatening, trying to save his wife from the beatings of another woman. What, oh what was going on!?!? The two women fighting exchanged a lot of filth and I covered my ears while trying not to laugh , and they exchanged a few more slaps.

I was reminded in the middle of it all that I had been distracted mercifully, if not at the expense of the lady of the next door house being slapped silly by what it sounded like another woman while the said lady’s husband was not doing much to save her. And I was kinda glad I was no more stuck in my own head pondering the bleak nature of my bank account.

I went out and got the driver to tell me the whole story while he drove me to work. The man next door, apparantly has had a family elsewhere ( two kids ) and the woman, the two kids in tow had barged in today morning and had started slapping the woman of the house the moment she opened her door in the morning accusing her that she stole her man. Now this family next door, they are newly married and have a little boy on their own.

The man didn’t do much it seems. oh the drama. I wonder what will happen, I feel so sorry for the kids.


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