Faith, rewarded.

My biggest issue with people is that you can not trust them. There was that time when I was naive and young and had an abundance of faith. But I am too world weary now. And protecting Certain People from the world has turned out to be a full time job ! These are people with zero expectations from the people around them. They are constantly happy with themselves and don’t mind if the world snubs them. They are completely enthusiastic and happy-yuppy. They are completely compliant and absolutely helpful and want nothing in return. And never suspect that they are being taken advantage of. They are not disappointed.

It drives me nuts !

But once in a while, while I grumble on about how unfair and selfish people are and that they are taking advantage of the Certain People I speak so fondly of , the selfish unfair people take a moment to be good. These (fleeting) moments are a massive consolation and make me happy because I see that blind faith is some times rewarding. But this is merely for my satisfaction. I am grateful that I am wrong and my Certain People are not hurt.

I guess I will continue to look at the world through my narrowed skeptic eyes and be over protective of C.P but I am relieved in these rare moments that makes me think that no, not everything is bad.

It’s a very good feeling.


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