‘I wanna grow old with you’

Darling is going through some stuff and I kinda realized tad too late that I wasn’t being as helpful as I should have been. Closer to the D-Day everything is really hectic and chaotic and while we are running around trying to get things done , it’s easy to lose sight of the really important stuff. Like keeping each other happy. It gets to a point where a lot of it is just work and that sucks. We’ve made a conscious effort to do the things we loved doing together, taking walks and boat riding and eating and such. We do a lot of wedding planning over meals , which is a fine way to deal with things. You can not make decisions on an empty stomach. That much I’ve learned.

This is one of my favorite videos of all time and this one is for Darling, for he is such an awesome person to be with.


One thought on “‘I wanna grow old with you’

  1. Sweet video. It is so easy to lose sight of the important things in life when we get wrapped up in all the other ‘stuff’. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the people and things in my life that matter!

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