Searching for perfection?







All thanks to the interwebs I found some really pretty ones.. and I had a friend shop for my wedding shoes in Bangkok. I got them yesterday and they are dreamy ! I can’t put them up, I mean I want to, no I don’t want to coz I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

The couple of times I was a bridesmaid, the brides were kind enough to get us bridesmaids tailor made shoes. But I have to say, that was largely pointless. They hurt my feet something terrible and I could never wear them ever again.

My lovely Su has been a bridesmaid 9 times and she claims she was never able to wear any of them again. Tailor making is not something I am going to do. Lot of brides do this because they want to color match, and end up with hideous browns and greens thrown in together, and even though color matching is fantastic , I don’t think it’s any good to make shoes if you are not able to wear them again.

I am going to buy my bridesmaids shoes that they like , in a color that matches, but which they’ll enjoy wearing again and again. I want them to have fun wearing them , not be tortured to death while their toes turn blue.

I don’t have a punch line for this post, just wear something you really like and something comfortable. Something you feel good in. There will be a lot of half bending by the knees to greet elders and other people so you might want to wear something that won’t kill you.

Await post wedding pictures !



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