Don’t stop until you are proud

Pardon my witless display of a title there.

I have commitment issues. I started keeping track of my work out dates, and I have to say it looks a shame ! I work out like thrice a week and I am not happy. Sometimes I jog and walk and stretch, all of this after I dumped my gym coz I was bored. I was bored with Zumba. That was some time back. The only work out I really liked was kick boxing, something I did long time ago, that was able to make me feel good and made me want to commit. And now I can’t find a kickboxing class. I took yoga earlier this year and was disheartened by the perfectionism it offered. It became a chore and an obligation to be perfect and that weighed me down and I lost interest.

I am also impatient. I work out two days and expect a wash board tummy.

After I started dating Darling, my eating habits changed completely and I’ve gained a few more pounds than I was originally supposed to. Well, that’s not true. I can afford to put on a few more but I already feel very heavy ! I don’t mind being big, I want the toned body. I don’t want to be stick thin. I think curves are beautiful. And right now, I just feel all blah.

When I first starting hanging out with Darling, we’d order a pizza, I’d eat a slice, he’d polish off the rest. Now, whatever we order is shared equally. If HE works out a week, he loses so much weight he starts to look too thin . I can only be jealous.

Since of late, I’ve started sticking to walking + jogging . I also watch a lot of youtube videos and feel frustrated and feel as if I can really do this, really really do this. But oh , I don’t know. I also come across posters on Pinterest that says ‘Don’t stop until you are proud’. Blah !

The most annoying thing is if you don’t keep track. You take a day off from working out and then it becomes a freaking habit ! A week goes by without you noticing it.

So apart from keeping track of the days, I have also tried to not think about the results too much and just focus on the process. Pretty difficult huh when you do 100 abs and then don’t see an improvement overnight !

Alright fine, I’ve been told I am impatient but how *do* you commit?


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