Of sexual harassment

Indi wrote this post earlier today and I am like , yeah, I haven’t met a woman who has not been harassed on the streets either.

I have been touched, leaned on, whispered vulgar things a million times. I’ve been stalked by strange men. I’ve seen men on the way home in a lone corner of the road trying to get my attention. I’ve been cat called and sneered and jeered at. And every single time, I think, if Icould, I would have punched them squarely in the face. But I’ve never been strong enough to do so. Instead I’ve switched seats and sometimes buses, and have walked faster, and avoided them in general.

Recently a man on bike leaned into my ear and said something vulgar. Have you noticed how ‘let’s f***’ is a few million times worse when said in Sinhala? It makes you want to kill.

This has to stop. And yes, like Indi said, more men should be involved in talking about this problem.

Glad someone is doing something about it.

Read more here : http://www.srilankaunites.blogspot.com/2012/06/campaign-for-prevention-of-harassment.html

“The campaign S.H.O.W You Care will involve boys representing many boys’ schools in Colombo and will run from 25th – 29th June from 1:30pm onwards in all bus routes in Colombo. Three students each will board the buses according to a formulated plan and address the passengers in all three languages: firstly, apologising to all women for any incidents of harassment they may have encountered in the past, handing out leaflets highlighting the legal recourse available to women if they experience such treatment, making a general statement of the right of women to be treated respectfully and the men taking the responsibility to safeguard this right and the negative reflection on them, if they fail”



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