Family blogging

Dragged my feet over here. Sis pointed out that the bother has blogged.

Then she herself went ahead and did the same. and

So here I am. Been wanting to blog for a while but didn’t quite get around to it.

The best is here. The happily ever afters. Still living out of a bag. not minding it one bit. Shifted most of our stuff to the cutest little house ever, but can’t seem to leave mother-in-law’s cooking and the spoiling. With my feet up on a chair I read my new kindle when we are not looking for light fittings.

eXon’s gone back to states. Miss him something terrible. Dad had a beer after years yesterday. Miss the Bestest dog. The hardest about my transition to new life has been seeing her sad sad eyes every time I visit.

My family was the sweetest , not even once going through with the Sri Lankan crap of  ‘handing over’ the bride to her new family. They just simply said see you around. Which is awesome because I was dreading the symbolic separation bits.

The wedding itself was massive fun 🙂 We had the time of our lives. The transition into my new surroundings, the new life, it hasn’t been as difficult as I expected it to be. All thanks to my new family and my husband. In fact, it’s not difficult one bit. It’s like it’s still my old life, just a new place to live in.

See you around !