The dress of dreams

I haven’t posted much under Everyday Fabulous , even though I had high hopes for this section of the blog when I started out..

So let me start over with this post.

My friends over at the Bellissima boutique made this for me and I absolutely love this, even though my original idea for the fabric was something off say.. Mary Poppins. Toned down. 🙂

I wore this on a Saturday evening, to a church wedding of a friend. It was perfect !

Don’t you just love wearing the right thing to the right occasion?

The material, I found at Fashion Fabrics, expensive stuff yes, sigh, but I considered it a very very lucky find ! Have you noticed how hard it is to find a romantic print these days?!?

The moment I saw the fabric, my heart was filled with happiness, and at the back of my head I saw my self running through a field of tulips in the evening sun. I digress.

Find my friend Nimesha and her designing partner shehara, 0ver here.

Until next time !



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