Nonsense II

The truth about Darcy

The bubble of air blobs around the bottle of glue. Her vacant eyes follow the bubble of air that’s bobbing around the bottle of glue she is unwittingly turning upside down. Down side up. He gets up and walks away from the room. There’s a coffee machine in the corridor. Nescafe. He thinks gloomily. Good God , when are these people going to learn ! 

The truth about Darcy is that he hates her. He hates the woman in the room with the bottle of glue. The way her eyes are vacant . The way she keeps turning the bottle of glue upside down. Down side up. More importantly, he hates that bubble of air. Stuck in a damned bottle. 

He walks out into the rain, without bothering to pull his jacket on. His face is wet in a matter of seconds. His hair sticky. He walks at a steady pace trying to get her eyes out of his head. “Damned rain.” He mutters. Is there no happy ending?


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