Happy Fat

Don’t you just LOVE food? I just started working out about a month ago after finding a gym I didn’t get bored with , AND a jazzerice class I adore , and I stuck to working out regularly.

I used to be skinny. Malnourished really, but I was skinny. I wasn’t entirely happy being malnourished but I couldn’t eat , because I thought I was in love or something , but that wasn’t it. It was a condition. The point is, I could fit into anything store bought. It”s not the case anymore now that I have put on a ton of weight and clothing stores just depress me something bad.

Times have changed. I started putting on weight when I started going out with my then boyfriend, now husband, coz we ended up eating out at a lot of interesting restaurants. After we got married and moved out into our own place, I WENT CRAZY! I mean quite obsessed with trying out cooking new things. I am cooking something new almost every day, and I am loving it. Lot of firsts here. Except for that one incident where I tried to grill a  bad fish, I am not an utter failure either.

The point again, is that , I started putting on weight steadily. I call this Happy Fat. There are moments in early mornings just before we get up and go about our business, I think at the back of my head , if I could be any happier, I could burst. And then I go, wait, this is the time of the day when I put on weight ! omg !!


Now I’ve been working out for about a month steadily but I could not see a damned difference since like yesterday. I am kinda impatient when it comes to everything and I would have given up except that I really want to do this.

Eating healthy kind of sucks . And green tea? The soul less taste-less green tea? Gah.

But right now, I am thinking juicy burgers milk tea grilled fish baked fish honey glazed chicken roast chicken chicken salad ghee rice rice pudding home made cake mac and cheese pesto pasta meatballs tom yum cream of chicken string hoppers with chicken curry and coconut sambol hoppers roast paan with coconut and fish curry chicken dip and veggies fish and chips and omg I am going crazy.

Gym today.


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