The First Food Blogs

Date : 09/01/2013 .

It was a Wednesday, I was feeling a little under the weather so I stayed home and slept. Didn’t even Cook. Darling said he’d eat from the buffet at work. I said ok.

A salad for lunch

A salad for lunch

By evening I was feeling ok , so I made a pudding. We had Milkmaid at home anyway.

Caramel Pudding

Caramel Pudding

There are no other pictures of the pudding. The caramel burnt but the pudding bit was lovely so we just ate it all after scarping off the caramel.

For dinner, I made stewed fish, some mashed potatoes, and green beans with garlic. Simple.

Dinner time !

Dinner time !

And after dinner , after the pudding , we ate some chocolate.


Cadbury, I love you.



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