The Food Blogs

What? Everyone’s posting their supper pictures , aren’t they?

It does get a little tedious photographing every meal we are eating, but it’s also fun and I am hoping for two things .

One, on top of my normal Project 365, which I have decided to take on this year as well, completely ignoring the fact that I am yet to upload half the year from 2012, I would like this to be sort of a Project 365 for all the meals we are eating too, but if not, at least I am hoping I will take food photos fairly regularly. So . The two things I am hoping to achieve is to sort of beĀ conscious of the food we are eating and in time, hopefully, we’d be able to eat cleaner and healthier and make better food choices . ( Cheese burgers and donuts. Sigh. ) AND I am hoping with time my food photography skills will improve, which at the moment, are not that great.

Enjoy !




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