Avoiding Traffic

Darling was too tired. And I didn’t want to drive OR cook as I was still feeling out of sorts. So I was glad when he said we should sit down and have dinner some where after he picked me up from work so I won’t have to cook and he wouldn’t get road rage. So that’s exactly what we did.

Date : 10/01/2013

Location : Matura – Colombo

Type of food – Indian

We started out with a Rasam , which is full of earthy herbs and spices and smells lovely . It makes anyone who’s feeling a little under the weather feel much much better. There was a time when they used to serve Rasam in Indian restaurants as a starter. They said it would help you taste your meal better but now you have to order it if you want some. However, I love this. It doesn’t look like much , I know. We had Rasam , and Onion Uttam , which is like a dosai, except that it’s full onion.




Onion Uttam

Onion Uttam

Gravy and things

Gravy and things


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