The photos I didn’t take

Usually I’d be shutter-bugging every where, but some times I sit back and watch the world unrolling in front of me and refuse to take any pictures. Some days , I simply don’t have the camera. Which is a rarity, but it happens.

Here are the pictures from yesterday , the ones I didn’t take. This is inspired by Indi who once wrote a post like this and I was immensely impressed. With the photos he didn’t take.

I am in a trishaw. After work. It’s raining slightly and there is a massive traffic jam which is usually the case in the evenings. We are going through a small road , a de-route , which is taking us through a Tamil community by the looks of it, and they live by the side of the road in  small houses with unpainted walls.

There’s a man squatting on the floor by his front door. He has no shirt on. He’s wearing a brown sarong. Who I assume to be his little daughter is squatting by him. She has a pottu on her forehead. Both of them are getting wet by the drizzle outside. They are trying to light up a lamp on the floor with some dry coconut shells. Both of them look tired, but both of them are smiling. There is a trickle of a smoke coming out from the lamp. 

There’s a girl. She has big doe eyes marked by kohl and a black pottu on her forehead. She’s looking through the lattice on the front porch, squinting her eyes to the rainy wind, and she’s braiding her hair. 

There’s a wooden door and it’s closed. There’s a huge gap between the top of the door and the roof. There is a gap between the bottom of the door and the floor as well. There is a white chair outside the closed door to a side with a heap of sarongs on it. There are some shirts in the gap on top of the door. The door is green. Rain is everywhere. 



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