That aunt

Well, hello to you too ! :)

Well, hello to you too ! 🙂

I am going to be that aunt. That aunt who is always throwing baby parties and whisking the baby away for picnics and always lounging  in the garden with the baby and always going to the beach , making dream catchers for the baby and telling the baby cool stories about growing up with his mother and reading bed time stories other than Noddy and introducing flowers and when the baby grows up he will know me as the cool aunt . The aunt who always has something up her sleeve just for the baby.  The aunt who winks at the baby when his mother is mad at him or being over protective. The best aunt in the world. That’s my new role. Aunt. I’ve got to be good at it. I have to be excellent !  The baby is going to look up to me and  ask zillion questions. I have to be ready.

For now, the baby is asleep , and his mother AND the grand mother .

I, the aunt, am sitting in a corner in the hospital room trying to work, trying not to get too excited when the baby sniffles.

He’s a little miracle that one.


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