My nephew. He’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. From the way he smiles his toothless smile to the way he crunches up his little face when he wants his mummy, he is absolute perfection.

I spent last Sunday and the poya day hanging out with him. By hanging out I mean that he’d cry and I’d pick him up and sing him songs and rock him a bit and go for a walk carrying him in my arms. He’s not much good at anything else yet. But the way he lights up the world when he smiles..I think of that every now and then in between all my excel sheets and all my worries and my world slows down a bit.

You should see him stretch ! He can bend backwards completely it seems, and he can roll up into a ball without much effort. I can only watch in awe.

If you look directly at his face and make noises and make elaborate expressions, he responds. He pouts and giggles and says “Oooggg” . Yesterday , my sister found him making baby noises at the sun reflections on his mosquito net it seems. And he’s already possessive of his mother. When I leave them in the mornings to come to Colombo, I wake up and take a peek through their room and he’s snuggled up warm. He’s fast asleep with his tiny legs firmly pressing on my sister’s belly and his tiny hands holding on to my sister’s pajama top.

He makes me want to be a better person. He’s like this really awesome person who has no idea how awesome he is. It’s amazing. That kind of perfection is impossible for us adults.

I hope he’ll never change.


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