Walk with me..

It’s not everyday when we get to hold hands and walk on the road together , but when we do, you can rest assured that I will make a whole photo shoot out of it !


: )

Our car’s broken hence the walking.

We set off, and the first two people we see are fish sellers. Two people selling fish the old fashioned way, on foot.


Then we encounter a little truck with a little banner that says they’ll come right to your doorstep and polish your brassware. They are stationed in front of a neighbor’s house with all their traditional brassware out on the side of the road with water and soap and some kind  of machine that make the items shine ! Smaaaaile ! 😀



Then off to Darling’s aunt’s house.

This house. It fascinates me. And I realise that when a house is lived in for so long, it acquires certain qualities, that makes it immensely romantic to look at. I loved their house and their quirky windows and all the vintage things I could see in the house.

I am fascinated by other people’s homes. :S

I love the house we live in ( Thank you FIL for making a dream come true ) but we’ve only lived in it for such a short time , everything I do to decorate it, looks actually brand new. Even if my style is old fashioned, I still can’t muster the effortless charm that comes naturally with living in one place for far too long.  I worry about things like time, when there won’t be any left of it and I would not get to do what I want to do to complete the dream that is the house we live in. But I digress. Here are some photos I shared on instagram from our visit.


Blue glass on a windowsill  <3

Blue glass on a windowsill ❤

Lamp of stones

Lamp of stones

Vintage bowl

Vintage bowl

Leaves and prints

Leaves and prints

A note here, a reminder there..

A note here, a reminder there..

Clouds in my window please !

Clouds in my window please !

How pretty is this !

How pretty is this !


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