Piaggios and bad days

When I woke up, I had no headache. Two minutes in though, throbbing of the right temple something bad. Maybe it was a result of not being handed over my mug of tea by hubby. He was still in bed when I woke up having run an errand at 4.30 am. Usually he’d wake up a minute before me and get the tea ready. I’d come to the kitchen blurry eyed and annoyed that I have to be up, ready to snap,  he’d hand me my tea even before a good morning kiss. Wise man that one. I am instantly pacified and must seem a little tamed at this point onwards. When I’ve downed about half the mug, hubby would offer conversation.

In any case, the day could only go downhill since the lack of tea. I had to make my own, to start with, and I got all the cooking backwards . I forgot to fry the garlic before adding the pasta , ( we are having pasta for lunch today, sue me. ) , there was not enough salt or chillie in the coconut sambol for breakfast. We ate red rice.

Hubby didn’t say boo. After I watched him hawk like for a minute to see if he was judging me, I offered salt.

Then he went his way and I ordered a tuk tuk to come to work . I usually call a trishaw company to send me one. Today out of all days, they sent me, wait for it,  a Piaggio. If you’ve never seen one, I pray that you don’t because, these things, they are vile. They are so noisy, you know they are on their way from a mile away. They are huge for trishaws and tall and rattles and bounces with such vigor you’d get a headache in a minute. Their diesel engines make such a racket , you’ll be partially deaf half the morning. Groaning loudly, I made myself get in and got myself to work, but this did very little to perk up my spirits. In fact, it did quite the opposite.

It’s just one of those days.

Bought some coconut cake from a  man selling food from the side of the road and they are the only ones acting as a silver lining to the very dreary looking cloud that is my day.



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