Some days are harder than the others.

That’s what I was going to write about. But then I remembered Seth.

In fact, it was Darling who introduced this trick to me. I was feeling down and out yesterday evening and I was trying to explain to him why and he randomly brought up the subject of Seth.

I quickly launched into an animated monologue about the little one , my woes suddenly forgotten. But not before I noticed what my husband had been kind enough to do.

So here I am thinking about Seth.

How at six months, he sits and looks at the world with such wide eyed wonder that it makes you look at the world a little differently yourself.

I once saw him gazing at a bunch of wesak lanterns hung on the neighbors porch with absolute amazement. His eyes were wide, there was no smile, just complete awe at the paper frills swaying gently in the wind. He couldn’t break his gaze away.

Now when I kiss his little fingers, he turns his head to look at me with the same wonder. He seems to ask , “what, in the world are you  doing !?!” and this thought makes me laugh . I kiss his little leg and he twists his body and look at me . He looks at the spot where I kissed him, looks back at me, in complete wonder. What, did she just do? What, is that called?

That kid , I tell you, he’s got me ( and everyone at home ) wrapped around his little finger. But more than that, he gives me happy thoughts. For a moment, or two perhaps, I am able to not be miserable about life.



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