Think Happy Thoughts


I realise I might be going through the darkest times of my life. ( Touch wood, Gods be kind please. )

I’ve seen things I never thought to see, heard things that broke my heart,  felt things I wouldn’t wish on an enemy. Not that I have any. I think.

I’ve carried the world’s burdens on my shoulders, feeling it’s feelings, feeling them too deep , and tried not to let them define me.

I feel a century old.

I look forward to brighter days, I hope for peace of mind, which , if I am truly honest with myself , is what I’ve ever wanted.

But I haven’t been alone. To hold someone I love at the end of a long day that would usually leave me emotionally drained, and go to sleep has been the one and only mercy for me.

I’ve felt alone and heartbroken and tired and as if I am carrying too much.

But like they say , sometimes, you have to learn to let go for the simple reason that things are too heavy. And that’s what I am trying to do today.


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