Thush’s Podi Brownie Business


I like Thush’s brownies.  They taste like they were made at home by someone who put in their time and energy  into making something they like, which, is what she’s doing.  The texture is soft , cakey and ooey gooey chocolaty! Which is how I like them.  When I placed an order for me and Darling,  out of sheer curiosity,  the package came in hand wrapped with a little note that thanked me for my order. My husband doesn’t care for notes, but I liked how homely it was. That makes a difference.

I am of a calibre of people who are highly impressed by anyone who makes anything with their own hands in their own time and I am very proud to use any product that’s made at home by someone I can recognise. I’d rather buy from the small timers and as Thush says,  from the ‘podi entrepreneurs’ , than buy from a posh outlet who machine makes every little thing they sell.

But more than that, I like how simple her business is. And how inspiring.

She’s very likeable, in that she says outright that she’s good at baking brownies and she has decided to share her love for them with other people. She’s quit her full time job to do this and that’s very brave.  She named her business, ‘Thush’s podi brownies business’,  and that’s kinda quirky and cute, just what I would associate with the little I know of Thush.

When she’s not baking, she’s posting inspiring little insights on her facebook page, urging people who read them to do something they love. To have confidence. To do something that makes themselves and others around them happy.

Suddenly, her business is not just about the brownies. Now it’s also about what she has to say , and how she inspires others around her.

Here’s her FB page. Take a look , place an order. The Podi Brownies are pretty nice !


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