All that is romantic – Part II


A sucker ! For snail mail ! Is me.

When I was around ten, while going through the contents in my father’s cupboard, ( I don’t know why I was so nosey ! ) , I found a stack of postcards , about a good 5-6 inches thick, bound together by a leather cord. I quickly went through them to see there was only a date and a location written on each. My father, back in his day, had written to himself. He had travelled with his university friends, hiked all across the country, taking busses and trains and walking up and down mountains, sleeping on river banks, eating their lunches in their hats ( I am not kidding. This was a thing. ) and this is how he had kept track of his travels. By sending himself a postcard.

Soon after I found the stack of postcards, a tradition was born because I demanded it of my father. I demanded that he should send me a postcard from his travels . And he did. Later in life, hearing this tale, some of my friends would send me postcards from their travels too. And whenever I travelled, I would send everyone back home post cards.

The truth of the matter is that this is a beautiful thing to do. Every time I hold a postcard in my hand, it is utter giddying joy. And as my friend says, snail mail, it’s a sign of love ! It really is.

This is why, I am doing my part in making sure the postal service in Sri Lanka doesn’t die. I will be doing a Snail Mail week over here at Life as a side project, first making postcards, drawing and writing and then finally posting them all over the world. 🙂

Await pics ! And perhaps, join me ?


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