Drinking with Dickens

So the fascinating thing  about drinking in London is that you get to drink in some places that have been in existence for over a hundred of years. It’s an amazing experience.

I love the pubs here, right from the point of entrance where pots of flowers hang from over the doors to the over crowded interior to the backyards where people stand huddled together drinking and smoking any day of the week. It must be the cold. The elbow to elbow thing is really consistent here even in pubs. Everyone’s extremely polite and nice but no one cares too much about personal space. I also love that no one’s allowed to smoke inside so everyone who smokes stand on the porches by the side of the road hunched against the cold, stomping on the ground.

We heard about Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese from a friend who lives here AND a tour guide we met on the way to Bath and we immediately wanted to check it out.

At first glance, it looked as if it was closed, there was no light coming from  inside. There were two brits standing near the road smoking and I cautiously approached them when once asked if I was alright. I asked them if the pub was opened , what I thought it being a Monday and everything it might have been closed. He chuckled as if to ask me not to be ridiculous and pointed to a door in the alley running down by the side of the road and said “it is definitely open. Why we were just drinking in there!”  Me and Darling went in and I must confess, it’s just what I imagined it to be. It appears to be small and is a bit dark , it has lots of wooden tables and benches.

Ye Olde is over four hundred years old ! The interior doesn’t look like much, but it has lots of old paper clippings and art attached to its walls. I love that they haven’t changed the pub to suit the modern times.

It is famous for being one of the oldest pubs in London and also for all the literary giants who frequented this watering hole and one of them is said to be the great Charles Dickens. 🙂 As me and Darling got our ale and sat in a dark corner by a wooden table , I could clearly see how Dickens would have sat there brooding over his gloomy characters. *grin*

If you are in London, don’t forget to check this place out, I am positive you will love it as much I did. It’s on Fleet street .

Ye olde 1

Ye Olde 2

Ye olde 3

Ye olde 4

Ye olde 5




3 thoughts on “Drinking with Dickens

  1. Great write up. I love the old pubs of London. You should also check out the Grapes – Dickens also drank (and wrote!) there and loved it so much he featured it in one of his books. It’s currently owned by Ian McKellen and rumour has it that if you go you might just bump into him!

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