Lunch at the Greenfields Cafe London

I was at the Science museum today, and it was so crowded, bursting at the seams with KIDS. Argh. I wonder why people have them. Do they know what they are getting into ?

Anyway . After I got out of the museum , I walked around the block glad that the sky was clear but a little upset that my ears were ringing from the cold cold wind.

I walked across the street looking for something warm to drink and a bite to eat and stopped at this perfectly charming tiny cafe by the side of the road.

This too, not unlike the science museum , was bursting at the seams with people sitting inside and out having their meals, and a lot of people were standing outside trying to get in as well.

I somehow got myself a table, squeezed in between two couples who seemed as if they were half way through their meal.The couple to my left were talking about music and theatre , the girl sounded like a professional singer. She talked about the gigs to come, her travelling abroad, and the boy talked animatedly about the music he was learning at the university. Which one, I don’t know. It was awkward to me because back in Sri Lanka, you won’t find anyone seated that close to each other in any of the restaurants of cafes or coffee shops. Here, no one seems to care. After the music couple left two old ladies sat next to me, as I ate through my honey roasted ham sandwich and sipped the most beautiful spice chai latte I’ve ever tasted. The old ladies talked about seeing as many broadway plays as possible in the season and their summer plans for next year. I felt bad, but really there was no way to get away from any of them. Right across the little cafe, tables were crammed in side by side, everyone seated elbow to elbow. There was a chinese family at the far end, the mother holding on to one end of a friendship bracelet the daughter on the other side of the table was braiding. There was sunlight streaming through, and the chai, it really was beautiful.

My honey roasted ham sandwich

My honey roasted ham sandwich

Mine's nicest!

Mine’s nicest!

What it says.

What it says.

The beautiful spiced chai latte.

The beautiful spiced chai latte.

Scones and muffins yum

Scones and muffins yum


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