Stumbling into a Union Jacks

Coming out of Mindshare office in Holborn, I wanted to pee. It was cold , the wind was really biting through my warm clothes, I was hungry and wanted something warm to drink and a bite to eat, but mostly, I wanted to pee. I didn’t look around much when I quickly dashed into one of the eateries near by.

I quickly informed the smiling gentleman at the counter what I wanted and dashed downstairs to use the loo. I came back, sat by a window and watched the world pass me by , content that I was in what seemed like a very cosy nice little place. I then looked around after a while and read the name on the mug of hot chocolate in front of me.

Everything else then happened in slow motion. I noticed the Jamie Oliver books on the counter, the banners, the chalk boards. Ah. The pizza chef throwing a flattened round dough to the ceiling, winked at me in slow motion while the dough fell back into his hands.

I smiled.

Pictures. Pictures.


The food was amazing. So fresh and fragrant. The hot chocolate, it warmed my soul.







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