Beautiful Is The Most Boring Thing You Can Be

Thought Catalog

The only thing that got me through my three-year battle with orthodontic equipment, cystic acne, and ill-fitting glasses was the promise that one day I would be pretty. The palate expander and braces would come off, and my teeth would be straight and white. My acne would clear up, if I only followed the ever-changing advice of my dermatologist and used my products religiously. My face shape would grow into itself, and I would finally find glasses which didn’t sit so strangely on my uneven nose. I am now 24, and I still have acne, and I also battle with rosacea. I was not as religious with my retainer as I should have been, and my teeth will always be slightly off as a result. My face shape has not changed enough to make glasses fit much better, even if I have improved at picking flattering frames (although I mostly…

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