He built dreams.

For a girl who grew up with a lot of skies and space around her, sleeping near windows that opened up to greenery, dreams meant being able to gaze out at the sky and the trees from her bed. Dreams meant cosiness that was security, it meant colors that brightened up someone’s life, it meant sharing love and laughter and stories.

I spent many years stuck in a flat that was surrounded by high security and higher walls. He didn’t know. He didn’t know how I was looking for my dreams but he built it anyway. He built a dream for me. A stranger that married his son. For us. That, is destiny. Isn’t it?

I will miss him. I hope I’ll see him on those beautiful shores one day and when we do, we’ll talk about high ceilings and french windows. And The lady with the dog. We had talked about it briefly just before he got sick. I gave him my father’s copy but he got too sick to read. I remember the book lying on the table in the living room before I returned it to my father.

We’ll read it together , if we can, Thaththi. Sitting on the shore with the beautiful white sand. Till then, goodbye and we’ll miss you.

The saddest dog by Such.

The saddest dog by Such.




One thought on “Goodbye

  1. Beautiful goodbye. It made me cry. The best ones are the goodbyes that leave room to meet again. And he lives on, everyday. A part of your dreams, they will keep him alive.

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