I belong in the Sun.

Let me tell you something.

It was a long day.

I do not plan to speak. Nor write lengthy posts about how tired I am.

I’ll give you pictures instead, taken with my husband’s tab and try to show you what the day was like for me. And for the rest of the family.

It was four in the morning when we woke up. We took the new highway to Galle before the break of dawn, from there we drove among the usual traffic scenario to Matara. The place where my late father-in-law was said to have grown up in.

But first things first.

It was a beautiful morning on the highway.


We came to Matara and hung around the courthouse , for my mother-in-law to be present for a court case. Me, hubby, sis-in-law made our selves useful by walking about and taking pictures.


We found the offices of the lawyers rather fascinating.


They of course had the best view ! I’d consider myself very lucky if I ever get to work near a beach. Sigh!


We explored the scorching hot city of Matara. A bit. Photographed below is what appeared to be a small church.


We cooled off drinking King Coconut. It tasted like Lemonade.


We parked under a Bo tree. I read a bit while the other two napped. I also took out my laptop and worked a bit.


Then I stretched my legs to find these broken Buddhas under the Bo tree.


After my mother-in-law was done , we picked her up and went to Thalalla, where my late father in law had grown up. We scattered his ashes in the beautiful turquoise sea. Isn’t it beautiful that we go back to earth, wind and the sea?


We then went to see the house where he had lived in for a while when he was younger. There was a small run down house and the land surrounding it, was full of beautiful trees . There were even Peacocks.

Photographed, the old beautiful bench out at the front.


The back of the house.


We found the old well, now overtaken by the wilderness.


The water was refreshingly cool and soothing. We found the Lovi tree bent to the ground heavy with it’s fruits.


Having said our goodbyes, we left Matara, stopped on the way to get a bite to eat.

Photographed, Darling’s lunch. Chicken Biriyani. I had fried noodles.


We stopped on the way to pick up some earthenware. Hubby snapped this picture.


Half way through the highway on our back home, we stopped at the service area for tea and I worked a bit. Tea saves my life.


Tomorrow we go back to work, but really, I belong in the Sun.


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