Thoughts on the Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a long read. They are big books and even if you are reading fairly fast, it’s still slow going. And not only because the books are in small print.

It’s exhausting to read with every sentence gripping all of your attention and consuming all of your emotions all at once. (Too many ‘all’s ?)  Ever too often, I find myself putting the book down, feeling drained. Into my third book , ( and no I haven’t seen the TV series yet)  it’s starting to intensify more and more as I read on.

Sometimes I put it down, and I have to take a walk around the house , or drink a cup of tea or kiss my husband while I try to get a grip on the shock some chapters present. Even then sometimes, I can’t bring myself to read on. Not until I feel strong enough to handle the book.

I’ve never been tortured at the hands of a book this way. And I love it ! You want a book to consume you and this is such a good series that I feel, one day when I am old and grey and all our children have gone away to their lives, I’ll be able to pick it up and not feel lonely.



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