DIY Kimono

Yay. One for the DIY section of this blog. Been too long.

SO. The Kimono, is one of those fashion items I can totally totally get behind.

Look at all these pretty kimonos on Pinterest !

I’ve been wondering how to make one myself for a while and as a total newbie to sewing I didn’t know if I could pull it off even if I found out how to. I don’t even own a sewing machine and I was just introduced to hand sewing by my mother a few weeks ago. ( Thanks mum ! )

So anyway. I found this tutorial. . The girl DIYing here talks very fast but she’s obviously very talented. It’s almost too easy to make a kimono yourself. Ha ! I was delighted ! I imagined myself floating about in one of these on the beach or out on the roads 😀 Wouldn’t you love it? I know I would !

I used a shawl that came with a shalwar recently. I hated the shawl so I never wore it and I figured I could use it to practice on. Then, for a second kimono,  I used another shawl my father gave me years ago but I never wore that either, and it’s so pretty and delicate, if it came out right, I could wear it whenever I liked. ( It did btw, came out right I mean. I love it and can’t wait to wear it some place )

Hoping I’ll find a non-sheer pretty floral piece of scarf to make one more .

Practice !

Practice !

Pretty pink floral kimono

Pretty pink floral kimono

If you are like me and love kimonos, make one yourself. Or if you have scarves or shawls you don’t use, send them across to me, I’ll make one for you. 🙂 I won’t promise my sewing is any good, but I can make this.



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