Four and a tradition

Me and Darling have been together for four years. Our anniversary falls on the day before his birthday and as it happened on that particular day four years ago when I celebrated his birthday with him a day prior to the actual date and he asked me out, I kept it up in the years to follow. So now we always celebrate his birthday the day before. Our own little private party.

I am filing this under ‘food blogs’ because really, what else is marriage about ?

From the beginning, our relationship , like it was built around photography, took shape around food. He’s a big foodie and got me hooked and one of the things we enjoy massively together is exploring new things to eat ! Hence, the blog post.

The day before his birthday usually includes a cupcake and a bottle of sparkling wine.

This year, I made lava cake. I found this unbelivably easy recipe on Youtube and I share it for everyone who’s been asking me for it .

30A week or two ago, we were reading Danny, the champion of the world by Roald Dahl . What a treat ! While I was reading it , I was struck by all the food mentioned in the book and wondered what it would be like to make all those yummy things mentioned in it. When Darling finished reading the book he asked me, as if he read my mind, if I had noticed all the food in the book and what it would be like to eat them. What in the world is Toad in a hole anyway?


Toad in a hole turned out to be sausages encased in Yorkshire pudding served with onion gravy. I followed a recipe from Jamie Oliver. Almost too easy. Here’s the recipe.

I served it along with roasted chicken and a potato salad.

P_20140501_201207 The chocolate cake, was the highlight of the evening. It was not too sweet and very moist and well, near damn perfection. ( Recipe found here : ) 
P_20140501_215715 P_20140501_220641Darling said he felt loved. I am satisfied.



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