Sensitive People

I am sensitive person. I take everything personally.

And my life’s mission is to not offend anyone, because you see, it’s a complex. I have to make everyone like me. Not unlike Monica, no. ( And for all the people who dislike me, perhaps I am not trying hard enough! Oh blah. )

But stranger are the people who are so bold and ballsy that they  say whatever they like and offend people when it’s not even due, and then get all teary and sensitive the moment they feel a jab. When a jab was not even intended. Sheesh.

That awkward moment when you can’t even say something completely innocent to a friend because last time you did, boy weren’t they pissed. And now you wonder why you are friends in the first place. Were they only being nice to you? Sheeeesh.

Are they such strangers that you can’t be yourself perhaps? Oh god were you making a fool of yourself by being yourself?? Were they only humoring you !?! Were they judging you behind closed doors? Face. Palm.

Oh right. This is me, taking everything personally. Ta !



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