Sister Love

So I am home at my mother’s place with my mother and brother for the weekend.

My sister has gone away with her husband and the baby for a while.

I miss her. This house is big and airy and a wonderful place to unwind. If she was here we’d be chatting constantly about this and that while she goes about her business.

Since she is not here, I decided it would be fun if I went through her stuff! Gasp ! Nooo Sachi , why would you dooo that !?! Oh well. She has pretty stuff OK?

In any case, when I am here, I browse through my mother’s old Talbot’s or her vintage button collection. It’s very therapeutic . My sister also has a pretty collection of threads and fabrics I love looking at.

Today when I started browsing aimlessly through some boxes full of pretty colored thread, I wasn’t expecting to find a treasure box full of hand made jewelry she seems to have abandoned, but that’s exactly what I found. She crochets a lot and all of these are made with crocheted thread and pretty beads.

Imagine my happiness.

I picked out my favorites to show you guys.

Enjoy !








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