DIY jewelry display

Omg I haven’t blogged in like forever !

I am not going to make excuses or anything other than this one teeny weeny thing . My life is a whirlwind.

Anyhoo , I am here now and I have a DIY post . Something I’ve been meaning to do for a looong time.

I’ve been wanting to make a proper necklace holder for myself for the longest  time ! And I wanted to make it with something I had no use for. In the mean time, my necklaces have been moving from the bed room to the guest room , to a door handle from a clothes hanger and the one thing that frustrated me most was how hard it was untangle them when I wanted to get one out.

Having said that, below is a picture of a wedding present we received when we got married. Erm. Yeah.


Since it’s not going to do it’s job of brainwashing me into wanting to make a baby yet, I thought I could use the frame . And that’s exactly what I did.

So here’s what went down over the course of perhaps a month. Or so.

I separated the frame from the picture first.


I then painted the board at the back in White. Then because the frame broke in two while I was trying to separate it, I super glued it together. I also found a bunch of wine corks I had been keeping aside to make use of some day and glued them on the board which was now white.




I let it dry and harden overnight.

Then I popped the board back into the frame and secured it with the fasteners at the back. I then hung my jewelry, patted myself on the back and looked at it for an hour because you see , now, I have a necklace display . Thank heavens.

This is what the finished product looks like .


Oh and the mother baby picture?I am giving it away to someone who will make good use of it.


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