Up! My Christmas tree !

I meant to do this at the beginning of December but er, things happened and people seen, so it took a while. I also had a failed attempt at making salt dough ornaments and Darling insists to date that whatever ‘salt dough’ is, it’s dodgy.

Those who are in the know , know that I am big on re-using , upcycling and good old making things by myself . I hate buying plastics , did not want to buy ornaments off the shelf, nor do I have space to store a tree !

Since it’s only my father who , wait scratch that, it’s my father’s family who celebrates Christmas and since we’ve been a part of their traditions every year , I’ve always wanted to make my own tree but this is my first.

My heart has been settled on a twig tree adorned with hand made clay ornaments for a long time. and there, now I have it.

I got the twigs from a friend’s wedding , it was in this center piece,  already spray painted in white and gold. When the wedding was over and it was time for the couple to leave, we took apart the center piece to get at the flowers to throw at them, as is the tradition around here, I asked for the twigs to keep and I got them. Yay!

I made the ornaments in clay using cookie cutters .


For some , I used a piece of lace to make textured ornaments.


I then let them air dry before I dipped them in white paint .


Then I painted some of them with gold paint , and hung them on the tree.

Tada !






I take absolute delight in just looking at it.

DIYing is super soul satisfying. 🙂


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