Updated plain tunic DIY

MIL gave me a plain blue top she had no use for , some time back.

It was a dull blue or blue green or something and any hand me down is a good hand me down for me , because then I could practice my volatile skills of crafting and non existent skills of sewing. Booyah.

I kept it for a while without ever wearing it before I decided to add a bit of color and drama by practicing a bit of embroidery on it. And there was a lot of drama because I must have redone the whole thing at least three times.

I like it how it turned out even though my embroidery leaves something to be desired.

Also, I’ve always loved string tops. Something so casual about it that speaks to me..I guess.

Here goes the pictures.

Enjoy !


The Plain Blue.


Working some embroidery.haah.


Checking me self out.


Making some holes and a braided string to go through it


Ze final product.