Keeping busy

I did some DIYing  over the last month. I and Darling are staying at our in-law’s house and we needed a little nest of our own so we moved upstairs to what used to be my late father-in-law’s office space. It’s smaller than anything we’ve ever lived in, but it makes me very very happy.

We recycled so much of father-in-law’s things including filing cabinets, working spaces and shelves. A little room set aside for storing documents became our closet, two different alcoves on either side of the studio became our individual work spaces. I can’t begin to tell you how it makes me smile to have my own little space to do as I please. The conference room became our bedroom.

I painted everything white so that it makes the tiny space looks airy.

I redid the table and chairs stripping the old paint and varnish and updated it with new paint and new cushion covers. This was a big learning curve as I had never done anything like this before. My sister who routinely dabbles in updating old furniture gave me tips and basically showed me how.

Here are the before and after pics of the table and chairs. I am so so proud. If you are a pro, you can probably tell what a noob I am at this but I will probably update a lot of old furniture in the future so here’s to learning! Cheers!!



Updated plain tunic DIY

MIL gave me a plain blue top she had no use for , some time back.

It was a dull blue or blue green or something and any hand me down is a good hand me down for me , because then I could practice my volatile skills of crafting and non existent skills of sewing. Booyah.

I kept it for a while without ever wearing it before I decided to add a bit of color and drama by practicing a bit of embroidery on it. And there was a lot of drama because I must have redone the whole thing at least three times.

I like it how it turned out even though my embroidery leaves something to be desired.

Also, I’ve always loved string tops. Something so casual about it that speaks to me..I guess.

Here goes the pictures.

Enjoy !


The Plain Blue.


Working some embroidery.haah.


Checking me self out.


Making some holes and a braided string to go through it


Ze final product.

DIY hanging plant holder

I received a pretty skirt as a present from a family friend some time back. And with it came a belt which seemed to be made of a bunch of strings braided together with pretty silver beads and plastic flowers in it.

While I loved the skirt, I didn’t fancy the belt so I put it away to make use of it later, which, let’s admit, is what I really love doing. Making use of things that are meant to be thrown away.

I don’t fancy gifting things I don’t care about to other people so the best thing to do as I see it, is to use them some other way that can be useful and pretty.

So here I was with a belt I didn’t know what to do with.

Browsing through pinterest, which is a huge source of inspiration for me, I came across a tutorial for a hanging plant holder and immediately thought of my belt which had a lot of strings on it. Yay for pinterest !

It had all those pretty beads and flowers on it too. Just imagine, I said to myself , just imagine it hanging from our window in the kitchen!

Here’s the original tutorial.

I tied the free ends of my belt together and worked from there . Since the top of my plant holder could not be untangled, not that I wanted to, I used bits of an old pajama string to tie the belt strings together to form the base of the holder.

Here’s the belt.


Here’s when I tied the ends together.


From there a formed a series if knots using an old string following the tutorial above for inspiration.


When I was done, I had this!


Tada! 😀

Now I am off to find a pretty plant for my pretty plant holder.

Sister Love

So I am home at my mother’s place with my mother and brother for the weekend.

My sister has gone away with her husband and the baby for a while.

I miss her. This house is big and airy and a wonderful place to unwind. If she was here we’d be chatting constantly about this and that while she goes about her business.

Since she is not here, I decided it would be fun if I went through her stuff! Gasp ! Nooo Sachi , why would you dooo that !?! Oh well. She has pretty stuff OK?

In any case, when I am here, I browse through my mother’s old Talbot’s or her vintage button collection. It’s very therapeutic . My sister also has a pretty collection of threads and fabrics I love looking at.

Today when I started browsing aimlessly through some boxes full of pretty colored thread, I wasn’t expecting to find a treasure box full of hand made jewelry she seems to have abandoned, but that’s exactly what I found. She crochets a lot and all of these are made with crocheted thread and pretty beads.

Imagine my happiness.

I picked out my favorites to show you guys.

Enjoy !







DIY Kimono

Yay. One for the DIY section of this blog. Been too long.

SO. The Kimono, is one of those fashion items I can totally totally get behind.

Look at all these pretty kimonos on Pinterest !

I’ve been wondering how to make one myself for a while and as a total newbie to sewing I didn’t know if I could pull it off even if I found out how to. I don’t even own a sewing machine and I was just introduced to hand sewing by my mother a few weeks ago. ( Thanks mum ! )

So anyway. I found this tutorial. . The girl DIYing here talks very fast but she’s obviously very talented. It’s almost too easy to make a kimono yourself. Ha ! I was delighted ! I imagined myself floating about in one of these on the beach or out on the roads 😀 Wouldn’t you love it? I know I would !

I used a shawl that came with a shalwar recently. I hated the shawl so I never wore it and I figured I could use it to practice on. Then, for a second kimono,  I used another shawl my father gave me years ago but I never wore that either, and it’s so pretty and delicate, if it came out right, I could wear it whenever I liked. ( It did btw, came out right I mean. I love it and can’t wait to wear it some place )

Hoping I’ll find a non-sheer pretty floral piece of scarf to make one more .

Practice !

Practice !

Pretty pink floral kimono

Pretty pink floral kimono

If you are like me and love kimonos, make one yourself. Or if you have scarves or shawls you don’t use, send them across to me, I’ll make one for you. 🙂 I won’t promise my sewing is any good, but I can make this.


Week 9 & 10

It’s mid morning. I had trouble sleeping for a few nights at a stretch. I fall asleep next to my mother now afraid she might throw up in the middle of the night.

Tears run down her cheeks while being violently sick, she keeps a hand to her chest. I hold her hair back. My husband runs back and forth fetching water and towels. All that she empties into a bucket is tainted red with the medicine she takes. It scared me at first but the doctors said it’s just the color of the meds.

Thankfully, out of three anti vomit tablets, one worked, so she’s able to sleep peacefully at night.

I am emotionally dependant on Darling. While that makes me a bit uncomfortable, he’s been my silver lining, and I realise how blessed I am to be with him. He’s been an amazing friend,  and an extraordinary human being. His kindness in this time of need has been the only thing that’s kept me going. There have been many, many kind people , kinder than I could have ever imagined before this episode of troubles , but his silent presence, his unpretentiousness amazes me every day.

So let this post be a dedication to him and everyone else who were kind to us during a difficult time.

57/365 26/02/2014 Oh how good it is to be home !

Oh how good it is to be home !

58/365 27/02/2014 Pillow talk if you will.

Pillow talk if you will.

59/365 28/02/2014 Exhaustion


60/365 01/03/2014 Now you are here. Now you are gone. He's been gone for three months and he's missed every day.  (Photo by husband ) 60/365
Now you are here. Now you are gone. He’s been gone for three months and he’s missed every day. (Photo by husband )

61/365 02/03/365 Life juice.

Life juice.

62/365 03/03/2014 My pride and my joy.  ( Ehela- cassia fistula )

My pride and my joy.
( Ehela- cassia fistula )

63/365 04/03/2014 Sis and Co. is here.

Sis and Co. is here.

64/365 05/03/2014 Happiness is a blooming garden.

Happiness is a blooming garden.

65/365 06/03/2014 Amma rests.

Amma rests.

66/365 07/03/2014 She reads and very fast.

She reads and very fast.

67/365 08/03/2014 A fun day riding around Colombo with my brother, doing chores and buying stuff.

A fun day riding around Colombo with my brother, doing chores and buying stuff.

68/365 09/03/2014 DIY time !

DIY time !

69/365 10/03/2014 A present from hubby. How apt. How timely. How beautiful.

A present from hubby. How apt. How timely. How beautiful.

70/365 11/03/2014 The best stories !

The best stories !