DIY hanging plant holder

I received a pretty skirt as a present from a family friend some time back. And with it came a belt which seemed to be made of a bunch of strings braided together with pretty silver beads and plastic flowers in it.

While I loved the skirt, I didn’t fancy the belt so I put it away to make use of it later, which, let’s admit, is what I really love doing. Making use of things that are meant to be thrown away.

I don’t fancy gifting things I don’t care about to other people so the best thing to do as I see it, is to use them some other way that can be useful and pretty.

So here I was with a belt I didn’t know what to do with.

Browsing through pinterest, which is a huge source of inspiration for me, I came across a tutorial for a hanging plant holder and immediately thought of my belt which had a lot of strings on it. Yay for pinterest !

It had all those pretty beads and flowers on it too. Just imagine, I said to myself , just imagine it hanging from our window in the kitchen!

Here’s the original tutorial.

I tied the free ends of my belt together and worked from there . Since the top of my plant holder could not be untangled, not that I wanted to, I used bits of an old pajama string to tie the belt strings together to form the base of the holder.

Here’s the belt.


Here’s when I tied the ends together.


From there a formed a series if knots using an old string following the tutorial above for inspiration.


When I was done, I had this!


Tada! 😀

Now I am off to find a pretty plant for my pretty plant holder.