Up! My Christmas tree !

I meant to do this at the beginning of December but er, things happened and people seen, so it took a while. I also had a failed attempt at making salt dough ornaments and Darling insists to date that whatever ‘salt dough’ is, it’s dodgy.

Those who are in the know , know that I am big on re-using , upcycling and good old making things by myself . I hate buying plastics , did not want to buy ornaments off the shelf, nor do I have space to store a tree !

Since it’s only my father who , wait scratch that, it’s my father’s family who celebrates Christmas and since we’ve been a part of their traditions every year , I’ve always wanted to make my own tree but this is my first.

My heart has been settled on a twig tree adorned with hand made clay ornaments for a long time. and there, now I have it.

I got the twigs from a friend’s wedding , it was in this center piece,  already spray painted in white and gold. When the wedding was over and it was time for the couple to leave, we took apart the center piece to get at the flowers to throw at them, as is the tradition around here, I asked for the twigs to keep and I got them. Yay!

I made the ornaments in clay using cookie cutters .


For some , I used a piece of lace to make textured ornaments.


I then let them air dry before I dipped them in white paint .


Then I painted some of them with gold paint , and hung them on the tree.

Tada !






I take absolute delight in just looking at it.

DIYing is super soul satisfying. :)

DIY hanging plant holder

I received a pretty skirt as a present from a family friend some time back. And with it came a belt which seemed to be made of a bunch of strings braided together with pretty silver beads and plastic flowers in it.

While I loved the skirt, I didn’t fancy the belt so I put it away to make use of it later, which, let’s admit, is what I really love doing. Making use of things that are meant to be thrown away.

I don’t fancy gifting things I don’t care about to other people so the best thing to do as I see it, is to use them some other way that can be useful and pretty.

So here I was with a belt I didn’t know what to do with.

Browsing through pinterest, which is a huge source of inspiration for me, I came across a tutorial for a hanging plant holder and immediately thought of my belt which had a lot of strings on it. Yay for pinterest !

It had all those pretty beads and flowers on it too. Just imagine, I said to myself , just imagine it hanging from our window in the kitchen!

Here’s the original tutorial.


I tied the free ends of my belt together and worked from there . Since the top of my plant holder could not be untangled, not that I wanted to, I used bits of an old pajama string to tie the belt strings together to form the base of the holder.

Here’s the belt.


Here’s when I tied the ends together.


From there a formed a series if knots using an old string following the tutorial above for inspiration.


When I was done, I had this!


Tada! :D

Now I am off to find a pretty plant for my pretty plant holder.

Eating in Singapore

Singapore. Why do I love this place so much ?

The larger than life feeling I get when I am standing by the side of the road waiting for the bus ? The architecture , the design ? The people who don’t seem to know any other way than dressing to kill ? IKEA ??

Well all of that surely but what about the food ? Their food seems to have a solid grip on my heart .

Having kaya toast and milk tea the first thing when we landed , we moved on to all types of noodles and rice steamed in broth served with their yummy sauces , drinking only root beer if we could help it. We ended our trip with the ever famous chillie crab with fried buns and later for nostalgia, milk tea and kaya . Again.














Sister Love

So I am home at my mother’s place with my mother and brother for the weekend.

My sister has gone away with her husband and the baby for a while.

I miss her. This house is big and airy and a wonderful place to unwind. If she was here we’d be chatting constantly about this and that while she goes about her business.

Since she is not here, I decided it would be fun if I went through her stuff! Gasp ! Nooo Sachi , why would you dooo that !?! Oh well. She has pretty stuff OK?

In any case, when I am here, I browse through my mother’s old Talbot’s or her vintage button collection. It’s very therapeutic . My sister also has a pretty collection of threads and fabrics I love looking at.

Today when I started browsing aimlessly through some boxes full of pretty colored thread, I wasn’t expecting to find a treasure box full of hand made jewelry she seems to have abandoned, but that’s exactly what I found. She crochets a lot and all of these are made with crocheted thread and pretty beads.

Imagine my happiness.

I picked out my favorites to show you guys.

Enjoy !







Sensitive People

I am sensitive person. I take everything personally.

And my life’s mission is to not offend anyone, because you see, it’s a complex. I have to make everyone like me. Not unlike Monica, no. ( And for all the people who dislike me, perhaps I am not trying hard enough! Oh blah. )

But stranger are the people who are so bold and ballsy that they  say whatever they like and offend people when it’s not even due, and then get all teary and sensitive the moment they feel a jab. When a jab was not even intended. Sheesh.

That awkward moment when you can’t even say something completely innocent to a friend because last time you did, boy weren’t they pissed. And now you wonder why you are friends in the first place. Were they only being nice to you? Sheeeesh.

Are they such strangers that you can’t be yourself perhaps? Oh god were you making a fool of yourself by being yourself?? Were they only humoring you !?! Were they judging you behind closed doors? Face. Palm.

Oh right. This is me, taking everything personally. Ta !


Week 22

So my neighbor who lives in the house opposite side of the lane from us is pretty nice. She has a bunch of nice dogs and she lets me pet them  through the fence, and every time Kadupul blooms, she gives me a flower. We’ll call her family The Es.

The ones I can’t stand, live next door to The Es. Let’s call them The Ts. They are the ones making a trip around the house , even though their front door faces away from us towards the main road, to stand on their porch and peer through the trees above their garden wall, every time, we have a visitor. Even if it’s my father. The weirdest thing is, they don’t leave until the visitors leave. If the visitors are here to stay for a while, they make routine trips round the house to peer at ours. What. The. Hell.


We’ve been here almost two years and you know what. Their behavior is pissing me off. But let’s not look at the fact that I am a coward and I will never confront them about it.

When my mother was with us here, she’d sit by the window in the living room, and I’d open our front doors and sit on the steps while I DIYed. We had a pretty good time doing this, chatting and drinking tea and my mother trying to teach me to sew. And The Ts could be seen through the trees over the garden wall, standing, listening to our conversations. And pretending to prune their damn trees.

Sometimes my father sends me a massive amount of vegetables, or fruits, or dried fish. I think it has something to do with him panicking every once a month or so wondering if I know how to shop for my groceries. Dad, not to worry, I learned from the best. You pay whatever the price asked, and even if you can buy the same thing cheaper, you don’t because, well, you don’t think it’s necessary. I’ve got it OK.

So what I do when my dad sends me an amount of food me and my husband alone can’t finish before they go bad , is to pack them in parcels and hand them out to our neighbors.

The Ts get visited last because they live at the very end of the lane.

And you know what they do while I  knock on my neighbors doors? They stand in their corner in the garden half hidden, watching me. Before I knock on theirs, they retreat into the house and come back out as if omg it’s you ! How are you ! ugh. You know Mr and Mrs T, I see you. OK? I know what you are doing. STOP IT.

A couple of weeks ago, I get this massive Jack fruit and I made my trips to the neighboring houses.

I knock on a couple of doors, and watch from the corner of my right eye as Mr T takes his place in the corner in his garden. And for whatever reason, he isn’t quick enough to retreat inside his house before I knock on his gate. So he’s startled when I do, and now knowing he’s caught red handed, he’s ashamed to come to the gate so I have to stand there for a few more seconds before I knock again. Uh hum, erm, heh heh, says he while he approaches me from his corner on the porch. I smile at him my widest smile, look back at where he was standing, look back at our house, look back at him knowingly and hand him the bag of Jack fruit and walk away.

I think, I’ve got it figured out. Next time he or his wife does this, I’ll try and catch their eye through the trees and wave perhaps ! Hello Mr and Mrs T ! Lovely day to snoop on your neighbors eh?

148/365 28/05/2014 Everyone's just waiting.

Everyone’s just waiting.

149/365 29/05/2014 Every time I try to do planks, Not Our Cat sleeps  under my belly.

Every time I try to do planks, Not Our Cat sleeps under my belly.

150/365 30/05/2014 We both think very highly of this book.

We both think very highly of this book.

151/365 01/06/2014 This is what we ate on 01/06/2013 for breakfast.  Sue me, I cheated.

This is what we ate on 01/06/2013 for breakfast. Sue me, I cheated.

152/365 02/06/2014 Camping on the floor again.

Camping on the floor again.

153/365 03/06/2014 Not Our Cat was found sleeping  in a bag.

Not Our Cat was found sleeping in a bag.

154/365 04/06/2014 Sipping tea, looking at the one thing that can make me feel at peace these days.

Sipping tea, looking at the one thing that can make me feel at peace these days.